Friday, September 10, 2010


What up?? Here are a few pictures from these past 7 weeks:

1. Me with Tshepang (10), Karabo (6) and Paballo (4).

2. Family picture, also includes my language teacher Kgabo (blue jacket on the left), and Mike and Dale from my language group. My "mom" has the red head wrap on (she doesn't live here full time, visits on some weekends though), the four women in the middle are my sisters, Boledi, Bunang, Lerato, and Mathage. The three older ones live here full time. Lerato, goes to college in Pretoria. My brother Elias in the yellow on the right. He doesn't live here either. And the rest are all their kids, Kgaugelo, Thabang, Tshepang, Karabo, and Paballo.

3. The house, it's pretty gnarly. There's a separate building with two rooms behind the main house where the two older boys stay, Thabang (18) and Kgaugelo (22).

Ok, that's all for now.


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